Ryan Ochsner

Owner/Operater of RLO Solutions, LLC

Saronville, NE

About RLO Solutions, LLC


RLO Solutions originated from the idea of a better way to track soil moisture to ensure better irrigation practices.  As a producer, ideas on improving farming methods and practices are always present.  However, to put ideas into a feasible reality is a whole new challenge.  While in college, I was trying to decide exactly what I wanted to do for an internship that was a requirement in order to graduate.  Remembering from past experiences working on the family farm, I knew that a better and easier solution to tracking soil moisture had to be available.  Talking to family, friends, and UNL career faculty about my idea, I was encouraged by everyone that this was not only a great idea, but also a growing need in the agriculture industry.  This would also allow me to continue working with my family on the farm.

 A college friend referred me to Precision Agronomy Solutions.  While interviewing for an internship position, I learned that Nick Lammers was an agriculture education instructor in Sutton, NE for my father many years prior.  Recently after I decided to commit to this internship, the world dramatically changed due to COVID-19.  Several factors in everyday life changed.  Thankfully this opportunity was still available and I was able to learn valuable insight not only about the irrigation and agriculture world, but also about myself. 

Having enjoyed my internship experience with Precision Agronomy, I decided to start RLO Solutions to serve the same needs for people in my area and continue to work with Precision Agronomy today.  This collaboration enables RLO Solutions and Precision Agronomy to better serve our clients.