Ryan Ochsner

Owner/Operater of RLO Solutions, LLC

Saronville, NE

Probe Management


Full-service soil moisture monitoring program. From the leaders in precision irrigation management! RLO Solutions delivers the most effective irrigation scheduling and soil moisture fuel gauge! No more wondering when to precisely water or questioning how much moisture is available in the soil profile.

I work to provide irrigation services and recommendations on fields and with growers in southern and eastern Nebraska.

RLO Solutions provide growers with irrigation advice by installing multi sensor capacitance probes in the fields that will need irrigation scheduling.  Using the CropX application I’m able to view the sensor reading in real time and suggestion appropriate actions for your irrigation needs.  Thus offering a greater yield advantage. 


 The probe is normally installed about 2 leaf on corn and once stand has been established on soybeans. After the probe is installed the data is delivered to a server that is accessible with and app or on via the web. Data includes hourly readings from every sensor. The data set, which available to every grower, includes, moisture readings in inches and VWC%, EC readings, and soil temperature from each sensor on the probe. In addition, the app has weather data and forecasts along with crop growth information. RLO Solutions uses all that data to post a weekly irrigation recommendation for every field. Growers can call me at anytime for an update on any field. If/when the probe goes offline in season, I will have it repaired and back to sending data in 48 hours. The grower does not have to worry about maintaining the system. Once irrigation season has ended, I will remove the sensor and produce a season report for every field. This report includes, rainfall, recommendations, graphs of all the data collected, and irrigation water applied. This report can then be delivered to the NRCS offices.